Yushan National Park was established on April 10th, 1985. With an area over 100,000 hectares, the park sits over the four counties of Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien. The park encircles the Yushan Mountain range and expands to include several mountains of the southern section of the Central Mountain Range. Thirty of the one hundred tallest peaks of Taiwan are within the park, including Jade Mountain peaks, Xiuguluan Mountain, Mabolasi Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Xinkang Mountain, Guan Mountain…etc. The park is a subtropical high mountain national park.

Entering the park, high mountain sceneries are everywhere. In the forests along the roads, seasonal changes bring about a rich variety of plant life beauty. Animals, birds, butterflies and fish in the river valleys are all abundant in Yushan National park.

The national park was established with three operational goals: protect natural resources, provide recreational values, and conduct relevant research. For visitors, Yushan National Park Services has designated an area that does not require permit application, while the rest of the park is protected with more stringent rules that requires permits.

‧    No permits necessary:
 Entering areas within 50 meters left or right of the roads does not require permits. 
  1. Entering from the Northwestern Area – New Central Cross-Island Highway, Tataka Recreational Area, and Visitor Center.
  2. Entering from the Southern Area – Southern Cross-Island Highway, Meishan, Tianchi Recreational Area, Visitor Center, and Bunan Cultural Exhibition Center.
  3. Entering from the Eastern Area – Road from Yuli to Nanan (Highway 30), Nanan Visitor Center, and Nanan to Walami trail system. (From Jiaxin to Walami, permits are required.)

‧    Permits required:
Permits are necessary when entering high mountain areas not mentioned above. Hikers and trekkers are required to obtain an entry permit and a permit for entering ecologically protected areas.