This Trail follows along the southeastern border of the Yushan National Park.
The route goes through three of the hundred tallest peaks of Taiwan, Mt. Xiangyang, Mt. Sancha and Mt. Xingkang. Two other mountains the trail goes through are Mt. Xinxian and Mt. Lianli; they both also offer spectacular views. The crumbled cliffs of Mt. Xiangyang, the wide-open grassland of Mt. Sancha, the pristine Lake Jiaming and the unique shape of Mt. Xinkang are all experiences of a lifetime.

The trail starts at the Xiangyang trailhead right off the Southern Cross-Island Highway. From Xiangyang Trailhead to Xinkang Mountain is roughly 27.4 kilometers. The entire trail is above three thousand meters in altitude. The trail is steep and lacks water sources. This trail is extremely challenging and demands experience, dedication, proper gears and stamina from those who wish to embark on this journey.

Guide map of Xinkang Mountain Trail (Chinese)Guide map of Xinkang Mountain Trail (English)