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Tribe Introduction

Meishan tribe outside the southern area of Yushan National Park is a Bunun tribal community. The tribe used to migrate between Junda River basin of Nantou County and Dafen of Hualien County before settling by the upstream area of Laonong River. The period also had an epic but rarely known history about Lahu Ali and Bunun people's fight, a legend in the Yu Shui community, against the Japanese police force.
The Meishan tribe is located at the northernmost tip of the Taoyuan District in Kaohsiung City. It is part of the high-elevation terrace of the old channel of Laonong River. The platform was full of wild yellow vines called "Masuhuaz" in the Bunun language back in the day, and yellow vines were used as the name of the tribe. Nowadays, the area is divided into Meishankou and Meishan tribe. Meishankou is located at the foothills by Southern Cross-Island Highway of Provincial Highway 20, and it is a place for local residents and tourists to engage in business. Meishan tribe can be accessed via the crossroad by Meishankou, and the local residents adopt organic farming to grow peaches, plums, and prunes. For information on organic farmers in the Meishan tribe, please refer to the e-book link of farmers' market.

Meishan Visitor Center and Proximity

Meishan Visitor Center and Proximity

Meishan access road is the main route going to the Meishan tribe (Masuhuaz), and the total distance from Meishankou to the tribe is about 1.7 kilometers. The road is winding along the way. After crossing the Masuhuaz Suspension Bridge or Meishan Bridge spanning Wei-Jing Creek, visitors will arrive at the Meishan tribe on the bank of Laonong River. Visitors can stop by the gazebo next to the suspension bridge to overlook the scenery where Wei-Jing Creek and Laonong River converge, before entering the indigenous tribe to experience the Bunun tribal culture.

The trees grown for prunes and plums are around the tribe, and the entire place is in a state of tranquility. The plum tree blossoms often attract a lot of visitors in winter. After paying a visit to the Residence of Lahu Ali's Descendants and Masuhuaz Cultural Village, the trip ends at Meishan Suspension Bridge. The orange-red bridge majestically spans Laonong River. The geological landscape of the terrace and downcutting and accumulation of river channels can be seen from the bridge. The place can connect to the distant Meilan Forest Trail (impassable now due to the collapse from a natural disaster). The access road (the reconnected section of Guanshan Hiking Trail) on the west side of the hillside can have the panoramic view of the tribe. A round-trip is about 4 kilometers and takes about 1 to 2 hours.