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Reminders and regulations

Tourist Rules

Prevent forest fires

Do not use fire for land preparation or to burn vegetation.
No littering of cigarette butts or burning of joss paper.
Campfire parties are prohibited.

Acts harmful to wild animals

Carry hunting equipment such as rifles, nets, trap jaws, cages, batteries, poisons that are sufficient to catch and kill animals.
Hunting, selling animals and displaying specimens.
Fish catching.
Bring pets and release domesticated animals.

Acts harmful to plants

Picking flowers and cutting plants.
Selling and displaying plants and their specimens.

Destruction of resources

Collecting, selling, and displaying stalagmites, stalactites, paleontological fossils, rare rocks, and exotic stones.

Acts harmful to the ecological environment

Get off the trails and trample.
Drive vehicles into non-designated areas.
Loud noises, loud radio and stereos, and firecrackers.

Acts causing pollution

Discard fruit peels, paper scraps, and soiled objects.

Acts causing mountain climbing and recreational hazards

Failure to comply with climbing regulations.
Destroy public properties and facilities such as log cabins, plank roads, railings, road signs, and others.
Wander around plank roads, cliffs, collapsed ground, and rockfall areas to take photos.

Active ecological conservation acts

Comply with the relevant regulations of the park.
No consuming, catching, and buying wild animals and plants.
Take your own garbage home.
Reduce the use of pollution sources that cannot be decomposed, such as glass jars and styrofoam.
Try to bring reusable containers (such as kettles) or raincoats.
Do not wash greasy utensils or use detergents in streams.
Do not discard fruit peels, paper scraps, and soiled objects.
Do not arbitrarily establish monuments, signs, altars, and worship facilities.