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Privacy and security policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome the World Wide Web of Yushan National Park . In order to allow you to safely use services and information provided on the website, we would like to explain to you our Privacy Policy to safeguard your rights. Please read carefully the following content:

1.The Range of Privacy Policy
    The content of Privacy Policy includes how we handle your personal identify information we collects when you browse the website.
    Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any related link to other websites. It is not applied to personnel or administrators commissioned by other websites.

2.Information Collection and Usage
    In order to provide you with the best interactive service, we would like you to offer following information:
    When you are using the Service Box, Online Survey and other interactive functions within the website, we will obtain your name, e-mail address, contact number and when you using them.
     All the images, video clips, music are for private or non-profit purpose. The video clips can only be served as non-profit environmental education and conservation promotion tools.
     Audio books and written literature are copyrighted by Yushan National Park Rangers. Music should not be used for other purposes.
     When you browse the website, our server will automatically record related route, including your IP address, time, browser, and history. The information collected will be used as reference to improve our service. All the information is for internal usage and will not be opened to others.
     In order to provide precise service, we will execute statistic and analysis to the survey. The result will be shown in numeric or graphic forms for internal research. We will also present the number and document concerning certain information, but will keep specific information about someone.
     The website will never reveal your personal information to third party for any purposes unless we receive an agreement from you or are ordered to do so by related legal regulations.

3.Protection of Information
     The mainframe of the website has set up firewall, virus detection system and related security equipment and measures. We do so just to protect your personal information and the website itself.
     We have strict security measures. Only authorized personnel can access your personal information. All related personnel have signed contract and they will be severely legally punished under related regulations if they had broken the security contract.
      If there are companies in business that ask related units to provide them with information, we would also ask them to abide security requirements we demand. We will also take necessary check-up procedure to make sure they have done what we’ve asked.

4.Related Links to External Websites
    The website provides links to other websites. You can also enter other websites by clicking the links. However, our Privacy Policy is not applied to the websites those links lead you to. You must read the privacy policy of the website you enter.

5.Usage of Cookies
     In order to provide you with the best service, we will save and access our cookies on your computer. If you don’t like the saving of our Cookies, you can set your privacy level of your browser as “Highest” to prevent the saving of our Cookies. However, by doing this might cause certain functions fail to perform.

6.Adjustments of Privacy Policy
    Based on current situations, the Privacy Policy will be modified anytime. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the website.

Security Policy

The World Wide Web of Yushan National Park respects and protects your privacy and security, we explain the Website Information Security Policy for you to safeguard your rights. We’d like you to read in detail the following content:

Information Collection and Usage
    Protected by related regulations, we will not expose your personal information to others except to provide services you’ve requested.
    When browsing the website, we will automatically collect following information: date, time, browsed web pages, your IP, your browser, and what you have done on the website (eg. download etc.) The information will be used to improve the efficiency of the website. We also monitor IP that causes great burden to the website.

The Responsibility of Information Security and Training
    For those who have the administrator authority involving sensitive and confidential information, we will assign tasks properly, decentralize the responsibility and form an evaluation and assessment system. If necessary, we will establish personnel supporting system.
    For those who quit or being sacked from their job, according to related procedure, we will immediately cancel their administrator authority in all systems.
    Based on each one’s role and functions on the job, we hold various seminars on training and promotion. We want our staff to fully understand the importance of information security, all the possible risks, and elevate their consciousness to make them abide the regulations concerning information security.

Information Security and Protection
    To establish process of handling information security event, we give necessary authority to related personnel to handle information security events with great efficiency within the minimal of time.
    Establish reporting mechanism of information and system changes to prevent leaks of system security.
    According to related regulations, we will handle and protect personal information with great care.
    Set up system-support equipment, execute necessary data, software backup and support actions, so if there is any accident or hardware failure, the office work would soon be operational.

Network Security Management
    Every node that connects to the outside network will be protected by firewall to control information transferring and data access. We will also execute identification process.
    We will not save sensitive and confidential information, documents on the system that is open to external users. We will not send confidential documents via email.
    We will periodically assess internal network information security equipment and virus detection application. We will also update virus code in the virus detection application and every security measures.

System Access Control Management
    Based on computer operating environment and security requirements to stipulate password verification and change procedure. We will also document the procedure.
    When log in an operating environment, we will decide the authority perimeter of each staff in every level. The administrator will set up account and password and update them periodically.