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Our Vision

Yushan National Park is located in Central Taiwan. Beautiful mountain peaks are offering majestic views. The main peak of Mt. Jade, standing 3,952 meters above sea level, is the number one peak in Northeast Asia. The natural vegetation changes with the altitude and the various types of forests breed a rich variety of wildlife. There is also Batongguan Traversing Trail, a historical asset built during the Qing Dynasty. The whole area contains precious ecological resources and cultural and historical sites.

Yushan National Park is the country's second national park. The park covers an area of 103,121.4 hectares and is a typical subtropical alpine national park. To protect its unique natural landscapes, wildlife, and historical sites and provide ecological conservation research and recreational activities for the public, the Yushan National Park Administrative Office (referred to as the Administrative Office) has actively planned and improved software and hardware facilities, promoted environmental education and raised the quality of recreation activities. "Ecological Yushan. Serving Yushan. Taiwan's Sacred Mountain. International Mountain" are the four main goals for the vision, and the synergy of all related agencies has been achieved to effectively improve the overall management performance and service quality for visitors of the national park and sustainability for generations.

Ecological Yushan

Preserve the ecology of Yushan and keep the habitat unharmed and intact.

Serving Yushan

Establish a model of environmental education and eco-tourism and improve response measures to ensure recreational safety.

Taiwan's Sacred Mountain

Establish the status of Yushan is the eternal sacred mountain in the hearts of citizens so they can protect and feel close to Yushan with devotion.

International Mountain

Make the information of Yushan available to the world in the hope of making it a world-renowned scenic spot.

The Administrative Office currently has five business units, Planning Management, Environmental Maintenance, Interpretation and Education, Visitor Service and Conservation Research sections. There are four administrative stations, at Meishan, Nan-an, Tataka and Paiyun, and visitor centers at Shuili, Meishan, Nan-an, Tataka, and Paiyun.