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Mabolasi Crossing Trail

Route introduction

This route is an advanced-level mountain hiking trail and rated as one of the four major obstacle courses by the hiking community. It runs by the northeast edge of Yushan National Park. The trail measures about 96.3 kilometers from the Dongpu Trailhead in Nantou County to the exit at Yulin Bridge of Yuli Forest Trail in Hualien County. It can reach the mountain areas on the east and north sides of the park. The trail runs along the ridge of Central Mountain Range, and there are rich natural resources along the way. The mountains are high with steep slopes and great obstacles. There are rugged cliffs on the ridge to provide a great landscape and challenges. The condition of the path on the trail is rather poor, so hikers need to be in full gear and have sufficient physical strength, endurance and rich hiking experience for the conquest.

The route runs along the ridge of Central Mountain Range and passes by the No. 1 peak, Xiuguluan Mountain, and No. 2 peak, Mabolasi Mountain. The strong push on the Earth's crust has created many steep cliffs on the Central Mountain Range. From Mabolasi Mountain on the way to Maliyawenlu Mountain, hikers must cross Wulameng Cliff. There are dangerous cliffs around Malijianan Mountain, such as cliffs of Maliyawenlu Mountain to the west and Tanbila Cliff between the east peak of Malijianan Mountain and Mabu Valley. Mabu Valley and Taiping Valley both occupy a vast and flat area, and are covered with a large grassland and lush green forests on the two sides. Their landscapes are rarely seen among the mountains in Taiwan. 

Trail distance 96.3 kilometers Time 8 Days
Application for entering Taiwan National Park Yes,You need to apply in advance Go to Application Application for entering restricted mountain areas Yes Go to Application


Batongguan Traversing Trail west section is blocked at 3.1、4、4.2、4.7 kilometers due to a rockfall.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to visitors.

Campsite Mabo Cabin Guangao Campground Malijia Nan Cabin Mabu Valley Cabin Baiyang Mine Cabin/Campground Banaiyike Campground
Mabolasi Crossing Trail (full trip)
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Hiking schedule

5.5 kilometers,it takes approximately 3 hours 50 minutes

  • Dongpu Trailhead

    3 hours 50 minutes
  • Lele Cabin