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South Section Two Trail

Route introduction

South Section 2 of Central Mountain Range runs in a double S-shaped stretch from north to south within Yushan National Park. The hike of this latitudinal trail starts from Dongpu Trailhead or Xiangyang Trailhead of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, going north-south or south-north, respectively. This area is located in the central axis region of Yushan National Park. To the north, it connects Banaiyike Campground to the west section of Batongguan Traversing Trail and Dongpu Trailhead. To the south, it can connect to Sancha Mountain and Xiangyang Mountain, all the way to Xiangyang Trailhead. The total length of the trail is 89.3 kilometers. The section from Xiuguping to the south is the Bilu Mountain layer which has been deposited for 37 million years and goes across 10 mountains listed in the 100 Peaks of Taiwan. The trail is mostly above an elevation of 3,000 meters and can get steep. The trail is long and has several cliffs, dense weeds and bushes, and great weather changes, so it can prove to be a challenging and adventurous trip.

This route runs along the main ridge of the Central Mountain Range and offers a good view. The trip takes hikers up to peaks and down to the valley at times, with a variety of landscape changes. The Xiuguping area has a wide coverage of white forests and alpine rhododendrons. In spring and summer, the seasonal flowers bloom to form a landscape of a sea of flowers. The area between Batongguan, Dashuiku Mountain, Nandashuiku Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Tafen Pond, Nanshuangtou Mountain, and Sancha Mountain forms a well-known alpine grassland, and the vegetation consists of Yushan junipers, rhododendrons, canes, and Taiwan red pines. The north side of Dashuiku Mountain and the right side of Dafenjian Mountain are steep cliffs. Dashuiku, Tafen Pond, and Jiaming Lake are alpine lakes that look like large pearls in the mountain. Looking south from the south side peaks, Xiangyang Mountain and Sancha Mountain, of this route, visitors have a broad view of Guahan grand cliffs that offer a unique landscape view of South Section 1 of Central Mountain Range. The breathtaking cliffs of Xiangyang Mountain and the broad grass peaks of Sancha Mountain provide a visual feast.

Trail distance 89.3 kilometers Time 7 Days
Application for entering Taiwan National Park Yes,You need to apply in advance Go to Application Application for entering restricted mountain areas Yes Go to Application


Campsite Guangao Campground Lulu Valley Cabin Guangao Mountaineering Service Station (has been closed by the Forestry Bureau) Lele Cabin Tafen Valley Cabin Sanchakou Campground below Yunfeng Nan Campground Lakuyin Cabin Dujyuan Campground Baiyang Mine Cabin/Campground Banaiyike Campground Jhongyangjinkuang Cabin Dashuiku Cabin
South Section 2 of Central Mountain Range (full trip)
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Hiking schedule

5.5 kilometers,it takes approximately 3 hours 40 minutes

  • Dongpu Trailhead

    3 hours 40 minutes
  • Lele Cabin