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Xinkang Crossing Trail

Route introduction

This route runs along the boundary of the southeast side of Yushan National Park. Besides Xiangyang Mountain, Sancha Mountain and Xinkang Mountain, 3 of the 100 Peaks of Taiwan (not including Bulakesang Mountain), there are two peaks, Xinxian Mountain and Lianli Mountain, offering diverse views of the landscape. Cliffs of Xiangyang Mountain, vast grassland of Sancha Mountain, crystal-clear Jiaming Lake and the unique shape of Xinkang Mountain are well-known for their respective landscape appearances.

The hike up the route starts at Xiangyang Trailhead on Southern Cross-Island Highway. A round-way trip can be made here, or descend from Xinxian Mountain to connect to Batongguan Traversing Trail and treks along Baoyai, Walami and Shanfeng Trailhead to exit the mountain. The trip from Xiangyang Trailhead to Xinkang Mountain measures about 66.4 kilometers. The entire trip is at an elevation of more than 3,000 meters. The high terrain and lack of water sources make it an extremely difficult hiking route. Hikers need to have full hiking gear, sufficient physical strength and endurance and rich hiking experience to participate in hiking this area.

Trail distance 64 kilometers Time 5 Days
Application for entering Taiwan National Park Yes,You need to apply in advance Go to Application Application for entering restricted mountain areas Yes Go to Application


Campsite Campground in front of Xinxian Mountain Campground in front of Lianli Mountain (Taoyuan)
Xinkang Mountain Trail
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Hiking schedule

9.5 kilometers,it takes approximately 6 hours 50 minutes

  • Xiangyang Trailhead

    5 hours
  • South gate of Xiangyang Mountain

    30 minutes
  • Xiangyang Mountain

    30 minutes
  • South gate of Xiangyang Mountain

    50 minutes
  • Rescue cabin of Jiaming Lake