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Xinkang Crossing Trail

Important Notes


This route is an advanced-level trail and rated as one of the four major obstacle courses of 100 Peaks of Taiwan by the hiking community.


Sancha Grassland offers vast visibility. However, hikers need to take extra precautions in the event of rain or fog and not be left behind in order to prevent accidents.


Xinkang Mountain has a unique and steep terrain. Hikers should use hiking ropes in the area.


The route between Sancha Mountain and Xinkang Mountain has a shortage of water supply, especially in the dry season. Hikers should prepare water when they are in the Jiaming Lake area.


Relevant information must be prepared and submitted to the Yushan National Park Headquarters to apply for entry permits before entering the ecological protection area, and visitors must also apply for mountain entry permits with the police agency.


For entry permits application, please visit it.


Those who need the accommodation at the rescue cabin of Jiaming Lake or Xiangyang Cabin are required to submit their requests to the Forestry Bureau at


Information on the road condition of the trail is available for download in accordance with the policy of the Executive Yuan dated June 1, 2019. Hikers shall assess their own hiking experience, equipment, skill levels, physical condition, weather condition, and the risks associated with hiking and bear responsibility for their own safety. The condition of mountain trails is subject to the natural environment and may experience unexpected damage or service interruption. Hikers who enter safety issues shall not forcibly go through the risky areas to ensure their own personal safety and are welcomed to provide the relevant information on road conditions to benefit other hikers.