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Mabolasi Crossing Trail

Traffic Information

Dongpu Mountain Trailhead
By car

Take Provincial Highway 21 of the New Central Cross-island Highway to Heshe, Xinyi Township, then take left to connect to Nantou Township Road 60 to head toward Dongpu hot spring area and then connect Kai-Gao Lane to Dongpu Trailhead.

Public transportation
Take Yuan Lin Bus (049-2770041) from Shuili Township, Nantou County to Dongpu Hot Spring area and walk about 30 minutes to get to Dongpu Trailhead.
Zhongping Forest Trail 18 K Trailhead
By Car

Depart from Yuli Township of Hualien County and drive to Zhongping Forest Trail 18 K area of Zhuoxi Township to reach the trailhead.

Important Notes
  • The Zhongping Forest Trail 18 K trailhead on the eastern section of Mabolasi Crossing Trail is not under the jurisdiction of Yushan National Park.
  • Zhongping Forest Trail has been abandoned for years. It is now densely covered with weeds and bushes and there are numerous collapsed spots. It is under the jurisdiction of the Yuli Branch of Hualien Forest Administrative Office under the Forestry Bureau (03-8885450).
  • Zhongping Forest Trail is currently not accessible by public transportation, and the road condition does not allow the use of regular vehicles. It is recommended that visitors contact the local shuttle service operators to go to the place.