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Traffic Information

By car

From Tainan

Southern Cross-Island Highway, Provincial Highway 20(west section), Tainan-Tianchi section

Yujing, Tainan (36.5 K) - Jiaxian, Kaohsiung (57.8 K) - Bolai, Kaohsiung (78.5 K) - Meishankou, Meishan Visitor Center (105 temporary road 0K) - Tianchi Visitor Center (105 temporary road 25.1K)

From Kaohsiung

From Taitung

Southern Cross-Island Highway, Provincial Highway 20(east  section), Guanshan-Tianchi section

Guanshan, Taitung (204 K) - Xiangyang (150.2 K) - Guanshan Pass Yakou (142 K / 105 temporary road 44K) - Tianchi Recreational Area (105 temporary road 25.1K) - Meishankou, Meishan Visitor Center (105K / 105 temporary road 0K)

By bus

  • Kaohsiung Bus [8029], one round-trip bus scheduled per day for the Jiaxian-Meishankou line.
  1. Depart from Jiaxian, 09:00, to Meishankou station, 10:40
  2. Depart from Meishankou, 12:25, to Jiaxian, 14:05

Query traffic condition

  • Southern Cross-Island Highway: Provincial Highway 20 (west section: Jiaxian-Tianchi-Guanshan Pass Yakou)
    • Jiaxian Public Works, Third Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highway, 07-6751014
    • Tianchi Construction Supervision Station 07-6780005
    • Bolai Traffic Control Room 07-6881054
  • Southern Cross-Island Highway: Provincial Highway 20 (east section: Guanshan-Xiangyang-Guanshan Pass Yakou)
    • Guanshan Public Works, Third Maintenance Office, Directorate General of Highway, 089-811024

Gas stations

Nearest gas stations on Southern Cross-Island Highway

  1. Provincial Highway 20 (west section) 78.3 K, Bolai Gas Station 07-6881565
  2. Provincial Highway 20 (west section) 101.3K, Meilan Gas Station 07-6866039
  3. Provincial Highway 20 (east section) 202.2 K, Haiduan Gas Station 08-9931721

Board and Lodging

Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City

Please refer to Taiwan Stay Travel and Accommodation website from the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications

Meishan Visitor Center and Proximity

Food:Shops around Meishankou (Meishan Visitor Center)
Lodging:Meishan Youth Activity Center, telephone number for information: 07-6866166

Important Notes

The temporary access road from Meishankou to Siangyang on the Southern Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway 20) has a total length of 44 kilometers and is open from 07:00 to 14:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for trucks under 5 tons and passenger vehicles with less than 9 seats, large heavy machinery and locomotives; entry is prohibited after 14:00; from 17:00 onwards, the entire section from Meishankou to Siangyang must be clear of traffic. The route is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.