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Tianchi is at an elevation of 2,280 meters. Overlooking the surrounding areas from the observation deck nearby, Nanyu Mountain running south-north, Xiaonan Mountain, the main peak and South Peak of Mt. Jade, the Yun Peak slightly to the north and Yusui Mountain, which towers over Laonong River and has a rich history of the Bunun tribal people's fight again the Japanese military, are all within sight. There is a pool of water under the observation deck. It does not dry out all year round, but the water can look a bit muddy. The surrounding area of the pool has a mix of coniferous and broadleaf trees and shrubs.
Back in the day, there were several religious events in the area releasing domesticated birds and fish and burning joss paper, which polluted the environment and caused forest fires. The surrounding forests were ravaged by fires many years ago. After the disasters, the relevant forestry departments established firebreaks and planted tree species which are fire resistant, such as spruce trees, Chinese guger-tree, Taiwanese andromeda, and Yushan rhododendron. In recent years, some tree trunks were found to have bite marks from Formosan sambar deer, indicating that they have frequented the area.

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