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Tribe Introduction

Dongpu 1st Neighborhood

Dongpu 1st Neighborhood

Dongpu 1st Neighborhood

Dongpu Village 1st Neighborhood in Xinyi Township of Nantou County is the only Bunun tribal settlement in Yushan National Park. It is now a county community. They migrated from Junda River to Dongpu about 200 years ago. There are now 6 neighborhoods in the administrative region. Dongpu 1st Neighborhood is called Donkuan. 2nd and 5th Neighborhoods are hot spring areas for tourists. The 6th Neighborhood is on the Chenyoulan river terrace. The entire Dongpu (Village) tribe is a rare "scattered" tribe, different from most other "aggregate" Bunun tribes.

Dongpu Village is located by mountains and waters, and it used to be a place where wild animals frequented. The Bunun people call the place ha-nu-pan, which means "hunting ground.” Dongpu 1st Neighborhood, or tumpu daigaz, means the "True Dongpu." People in the 1st Neighborhood are mainly engaged in farming and have gradually developed organic and non-toxic agriculture. The produces include tomatoes, common beans, sweet peppers, tea, plums, and peaches. Visitors come to Dongpu 1st Neighborhood to experience the unique Bunun culture, enjoy healthy foods and products, and have fun to feel the dedication of people in Dongpu to the land.
Please refer to the links for the organic farmers at Dongpu 1st Neighborhood.

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