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Southern Cross-Island Highway 3 Mountains and Guan Mountain Hiking Route

Important Notes


The three major mountains of the Southern Cross-Island Highway are Kuhanuoxin Mountain, Taguan Mountain and Guanshanling Mountain. Together with the Number One Mountain in Southern Taiwan, Guan Mountain, these four routes are considered intermediate-level trails. The trails are relatively short and easy. However, the elevation is high and the areas are subject to weather and terrain impacts. Some hikers may suffer from High Altitude Illness (HAI).


There had been incidents of hikers falling off cliffs in Guan Mountain in the past, so proper equipment and skills are required to hike the route. Do not make the trip unplanned. The great cliff in Guan Mountain is extremely dangerous.


There is no water source along these four hiking trails, so water must be prepared in advance to ensure adequate hydration. For the Kuhanuoxinshan and Guanshan trails, water is available from the water tower at Kuhanuoxinshan Mountain Hut.


There is no water source along the 4 trekking trails, so hikers will need to prepare their own water at the trailheads.


The four mountains are still considered restricted areas, and hikers will have to apply for entry permits with police agencies.


The trip to Kuhanuoxin Mountain and Guan Mountain enters the ecological protection areas of the national park, so hikers will have to apply for their entry permits with the Yushan National Park Headquarters in advance.


The Yushan National Park Headquarters has established the Meishan Visitor Center in Meishankou to provide information on recreation and accommodation.


For entry permits application, please visit it.


Information on the road condition of the trail is available for download in accordance with the policy of the Executive Yuan dated June 1, 2019. Hikers shall assess their own hiking experience, equipment, skill levels, physical condition, weather condition, and the risks associated with hiking and bear responsibility for their own safety. The condition of mountain trails is subject to the natural environment and may experience unexpected damage or service interruption. Hikers who enter safety issues shall not forcibly go through the risky areas to ensure their own personal safety and are welcomed to provide the relevant information on road conditions to benefit other hikers.


The [Tianchi - Wukou - Xiangyang] section is currently closed, and no visitors or vehicles are allowed to enter the section.


Part of Provincial Highway 20 of Southern Cross-Island Highway was severely damaged by Typhoon Morakot, the Third Maintenance Office of the Directorate General of Highways under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has continuously repaired the section, and the traffic can now reach Tianchi. For the hiking activities in this route, please wait until the restoration construction is completed and contact the traffic authority for information on the access of the route.