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Xinkang Crossing Trail


Campground in front of Lianli Mountain (Taoyuan)

County/City Located HualienCounty ZhuoxiTownship Location Eastern
Elevation 2745M Type Campground
Capacity 20 people
Facility Details Facility:None . Water source:The running water source is the creek located on the north range of the camp. Water seeps out from a slanted slate and the supply is stable. A round-trip takes about 25 minutes.
Capacity 20 people


hiking route Xinkang Crossing Trail
Also known as Taoyuan Campground, it is the most comfortable spot to stay overnight on the way to Xinkang Mountain ridge. The area is surrounded by towering trees. Many hikers choose this spot as the starting point to conduct a round-trip hike of Xinkang Mountain in light gear.
Important Notes:Visitors need to bring their own tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags to the campground.
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