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Mabolasi Crossing Trail


Mabu Valley Cabin

County/City Located HualienCounty ZhuoxiTownship Location Eastern
Elevation 2,964M Type Steel frame
Capacity 20 people
Facility Details Facility:Solar power, rainwater catchment equipment, toilets . Water source:The water source is located in the ravine of the forest west of the cabin, but the supply is not stable.
Capacity 20 people


hiking route Mabolasi Crossing Trail
Located in the saddle between Maxi Mountain and Bugan Mountain, it is a plateau basin on the west side of Maxi Mountain is a vast river valley terrain.

Important Notes:
◎Those who choose to stay over in the cabin will need to bring their own accommodation gear and sleeping bags as the facility does not provide quilts.
◎The supply of water source is not stable. Visitors should prepare their own in advance.
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