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Yushan Peaks Trail


Yuanfeng Cabin

County/City Located Kaohsiung City TaoyuanDistrict Location Northwestern
Elevation 3694M Type Wooden structure
Capacity 15 people in the cabin and 9 people need to bring their own camping tents.
Facility Details Facility: Solar power, rainwater catchment equipment, toilets. Water source: From water catchment equipment or obtain water from the slope facing east.
Capacity 15 people in the cabin and 9 people need to bring their own camping tents.


hiking route Yushan Peaks Trail
The base for entering the five peaks after hiking up Yushan is located on the southern edge of Yushan massif. The campground is flat, and the water source is located on the slope to the east. Yuanfeng Cabin is solar-powered and can accommodate 15 people.

Important Notes:
◎Those who choose to stay over in the cabin will need to bring their own accommodation gear and sleeping bags as the facility does not provide quilts.
◎Visitors need to bring their own tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags to the campground.
◎Please use the big cathole for your toilet needs, and cover the cathole with dirt, leaves, and humus.
◎Please be sure to properly package food, garbage and kitchen waste and take them with you to prevent wild animals such as yellow-throated martens and rodents from entering the cabin and tents searching for food and destroy the ecology.
◎The campgrounds on the advanced hiking route of Yushan peaks are not equipped with public toilets and are not suitable for first-time hikers. Those who wish to use the route must train themselves to have better physical fitness.
◎In order to protect the rights of long-distance mountaineering teams which use the accommodation of Yuanfeng Cabin and Campgrounds for 3 and more days and the equality of teams, those who have been permitted to enter the park area wish to change or shorten their itinerary will need to submit their cancellation requests and re-submit new requests to wait in line if they need to change the itinerary again.
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