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Yushan Peaks Trail

Route introduction

Yushan Mountain Range consists of eleven peaks which are the main peak, front peak, east peak, west peak, south peak, northern peak, north by northern peak, Lu Mountain, East Xiaonan Mountain, Xiaonan Mountain, and Nanyu Mountain. Their arrangement forms a double-cross, with the main peak of Mt. Jade being in the center. Except for the north by northern peak and Xiaonan Mountain, they are all listed as part of the 100 Peaks of Taiwan. They are all mountain hiking enthusiasts' conquests, and the main peak of Mt. Jade is especially a hiking route for fans of local and abroad. 
This trail, starting from Tataka Trailhead, is about 61.2 kilometers long, and the elevation is more than 3,000 meters. Mountain hikers need to possess a lot of knowledge, skills, physical strength, and endurance. The towering main peak, the steep cliff of the east peak, and the distance of Lu Mountain route are especially challenging and can prove an adventurous trip.
The Yushan massif is known as the ridge of Taiwan. It is shaped like a resting dragon, and looks magnificent and powerful. This route winds eastward from the saddle of Tataka at the end of the western edge of Mt. Jade. The forests and vegetation along the way change with different elevations. There are spruce trees, hemlock trees, fir trees, Yushan junipers, rhododendron, and a variety of alpine grass. Flowers and plants sway colorfully along the roadside despite the harsh environments. The Temple of the Mountain God on the top of the west peak has a wide coverage of white wood forests and cliffs, gravel slopes of the main peak, grass slopes of Xiaonan Mountain, and the sea of rhododendron by the northern saddle are the features of this route. The tops of peaks are covered with white snow in the winter for a beautiful look.

Trail distance 21.8 to 61.2 kilometers Time 2 to 5 days
Application for entering Taiwan National Park Yes,You need to apply in advance Go to Application Application for entering restricted mountain areas Yes Go to Application


Yushan Trail temporarily closed due to a landslide at 4.9k mark

Campsite Guangao Campground Yuanfeng Cabin Paiyun Lodge Laonong River Campground
Mt. Jade Main Peak route (hiking the main peak of Mt. Jade Mountain)
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Hiking schedule

8.5 kilometers,it takes approximately 4 hours 10 minutes

  • Tataka Trailhead

    4 hours 10 minutes
  • Paiyun Lodge