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Yushan Peaks Trail


Paiyun Lodge

County/City Located ChiayiCounty AlishanTownship Location Northwest
Elevation 3402M Type Steel structure
Capacity 116 people
Facility Details Water source: Yes.Facility: Solar power, water supply, public toilets
Capacity 116 people


hiking route Yushan Peaks Trail
A south-facing steel-framed mountain lodge located halfway up the main peak of Mt. Jade Mountain. The facility is equipped with water supply, toilets, kitchen, beds and mattresses, and can accommodate about 116 people. It overlooks the landscape of Nanzixian River to the south and fir forests on two sides.
The outsourced operations of food and sleeping bags rental improve the user-friendliness of mountain hiking services and preserve the mountain's ecological environment.

Important Notes:
◎Paiyun Lodge usage fee: NTD $480 per person per stay, according to the Usage Fee Standard for Paiyun Lodge of the Yushan National Park Headquarters.
◎Paiyun Lodge provides the following services:
1. The facility is mainly powered by solar energy, with generators being used as a backup. The power is supplied from 6 to 8 pm daily.
2. There is usually an ample supply of water. However, there may be a water shortage due to a lack of water source or pipeline freezing in winter.
3. Public toilets are available both inside and outside the lodge.
4. Considering the limited power supply and the lighting need and safety of the lodge, please do not unplug emergency lights or power sources for other equipment to charge your mobile phones or devices. Please bring your own portable power banks.
◎For public, personal, and group safety purposes, please do not start fires, BBQ, or set up camps within a 30-meter radius of the lodge and the base. Only using simple appliances to boil water, make instant food, tea and coffee are allowed.
◎Paiyun Lodge is not equipped with water dispensers. Paiyun Lodge provides hot water only between 1:30 am and 2:30 am, 7 am and 9 am and 2 pm and 5 pm at the site for visitors.
◎Paiyun Lodge does not have designated campgrounds nearby, as setting up camping tents there is forbidden in accordance with Paragraph 8, Article 13 of the "National Park Act".
◎The gravel slope section between Paiyun Lodge and the main peak of Mt. Jade may have occasional falling rocks. Visitors can borrow safety helmets at Paiyun Lodge. Safety helmets are recommended for traveling in the section prone to falling rocks. Visitors should try to go through the section quickly and not wander around for safety.
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