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Southern Section Two Trail


Tafen Valley Cabin

County/City Located Kaohsiung City TaoyuanDistrict Location Southern
Elevation 2605M Type Steel frame
Capacity 20 people
Facility Details Facility:Solar power, rainwater catchment equipment, toilets . Water source:The water source is located on a cliff to the south side of the campground.
Capacity 20 people


hiking route Southern Section Two Trail
Located in the valley (saddle) between Tafen Mountain and Dafenjian Mountain, its elevation is the lowest in the South Section 2 of the Central Mountain Range. It is surrounded by pine forests. The area is not big but it is a good place to shelter visitors from bad weather conditions. The cliff nearby the cabin has water seeping out. However, there may not be much water available in autumn and winter. It is recommended that hikers bring their own water for the trip.

Important Notes:
◎Those who choose to stay over in the cabin will need to bring their own accommodation gear and sleeping bags as the facility does not provide quilts.
◎Visitors need to bring their own tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags to the campground.
◎The water supply here is not stable.
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