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Summit/Hike Certificate

Summit Certificate
Hike Certificate

The winning bidder “Yang Mei Mei Gift Shop-Yushan Shueili Store” of the “Public Bid on Shueili Visitor Center Service Site” through public procedures is commissioned to produce the “Yushan Summit Certificate” and “Yushan National Park Hike ertificate”.

Application Receiving Infomation
  • Unit Name: Yushan Shueili Store
  • Tel: (049) 2348228
  • Fax: (049) 2871299
  • Appendix: certificate application form
  • E-mail:
  • URL:
  • Address: 1F., No.515, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd., Shueili Township, Nantou County 55344
  • Fee Required: NT$350.

”Notification for a rate increase of hike and summit certificates” Due to the increase for both postage rate and the monthly minimum wage starting on January 1st, 2019, the fee for hike and summit certificate will be raised to NT$350 per certificate from February 1st, 2019. Thank you for your visit.

Application Qualification

I. Yushan Summit Certificate: Climbing the highest peak in Northeast Asia – Yushan.
II. Yushan National Park Hike Certificate: Climbing to regions over 3000m within the park area, as well as the 100 peaks in Taiwan within the park area.

(I) Regions over 3000m within the park area
Including regions above the White Wood Forest of Mt. Jade Main Peak trail, as well as landscape sites such as Daciaobi (The Great Precipice), Paiyun Lodge, Dashueiku, Siouguping, Tafenchih (Tafen Pond), Lulu Valley and Mabugu (Mabu Valley) etc.

(II) 100 peaks in Taiwan within the park area
Mt. Jade East Peak, Mt. Jade North Peak, Mt. Jade South Peak, Nanyu Mountain, East Siaonan Mountain, Lushan, Mt. Jade West Peak, Mt. Jade Front Peak, Jyunda Mountain, Masi Mountain, Kasipanan Mountain, Malijianan Mountain, Mabolasi Mountain, Jyupen Mountain, Siouguluan Mountain, Batongguan Mountain, Dashueiku Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Tafen Mountain, Lulu Mountain, Yun Peak, Nanshuangtou Mountain, Sancha Mountain, Sinkang Mountain, Siangyang Mountain, Guanshanling Mountain, Taguan Mountain, Kuhanuohsing Mountain, Guan Mountain etc.

Data to be Enclosed for the Application

I. Summit (hike) photo (electronic file, with the file name as the name of the applicant).
II. Chinese and English names, gender, address (for sending the completed certificate), telephone (for contact when there are inquiries), nationality, category (summit or hike), application date, summit date (unified tabulation for more than 2 people).

Process Schedule

The production will be completed and send via post within 7 days (postponed for holidays over 3 consecutive days) starting from the day of receiving the remittance. 

Remittance and completion of sending the certificate via post.
I. Instant Approval and Issuance:

(I) Those who wish to receive from the “Yushan Shueili Store” on the day of summit after coming down from the mountain should send the application data to “Yushan Shueili Store” 2 days prior to the summit, and send the summit photo to the designated E-mail at before 10am on the day, along with confirmation through telephone call. If the day of the summit or the day for collecting the certificate is on public holidays and during consecutive holidays, then the certificate will not be approved and issued instantly.
(II) Collect and make the payment at “Yushan Shueili Store” on the day before the store closes.
(III) Those not conforming to the aforementioned procedures, and instant approval and issuance are inapplicable due to factors including errors in data transfer or disconnected network will be approved and issued according to the general procedures.

II. General Approval and Issuance:

(I) Applicants have to send the application data and summit (hike) photo via E-mail, “Yushan Shueili Store” will reply to the e-mails along with confirmation of successful content transfer every day before notifying to make the remittance. 
(II) The production will be completed and send via post within 7 days (postponed for holidays over 3 consecutive days) starting from the day of receiving the remittance.

III. Handling of Incorrect Data:

(I) If the filled in applicant data is incorrect and needs to be corrected, please pay NT$100 for replacement (inclusive of postage fee), and send the certificate back for correction (without the certificate frame).
(II) If the error is produced by “Yushan Shueili Store”, please send the certificate back (without the certificate frame) for free correction.