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How can I apply for a Yushan climbing certificate? (Division of Park Recreation and Tourism)


Types of Certificate:

1. Mikado Pheasant Version: Certificate for successful Yushan Main Peak summit attempt.

2. Formosan Black Bear Version: Certificate for reaching over 3000 meters of elevation or successful summit attempt of any Taiwan Top 100 Peaks within Yushan National Park.

a. Locations above 3000m of elevation:

Yushan Mountain Trails beyond White Wood Forest, Paiyun Lodge, Dashueiku, Siouguping, Tafen Pond, Lulugu, Mabugu, etc.

b. Taiwan Top 100 Peaks within Yushan National Park:

Mt. Jade East Peak, Mt. Jade North Peak, Mt. Jade South Peak, Mt. Jade Front Peak, Mt. Jade West Peak, Nanyu Mountain, Dongsiaonan Mountain, Lu Mountain, Sancha Peak, Jyunda Mountain, Masi Mountain, Kesipanan Mountain, Malijianan Mountain, Mabolasih Mountain, Jyupen Mountain, Siouguluan Mountain, Batongguan Mountain, Dashueiku Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Tafen Mountain, Lulu Mountain, Yunfong, Nanshuangtou Mountain, Sinkang Mountain, Siangyang Mountain, Guanshanling Mountain, Taguan Mountain, Kuhanuosin Mountain, Guan Mountain, etc....Application Documents:

1. Photo of Ascent. The electronic file name must be the applicant’s name.

2. Applicant’s English and Chinese name, desired prefix, mailing address (for delivery of certificate), contact phone number (for inquiries), nationality, date of ascend, type of certificate desired (Pheasant or Black Bear), and application date.

Item cost: NTD $350

Process: Please submit the application to the email address listed below. The organization will contact you and discuss shipping cost/payment method for your specific case.

The certificate will be delivered within 7 days of payment reception (postponed to the next work day when encountering long weekends/holidays).

Contractor name: “Yang Mei Mei Gift Shop-Yushan Shueili Store” of the “Public Bid on Shueili Visitor Center Service Site”羊咩咩禮品專賣店-玉山水里店

Phone Number:049-2348228 (+886-492348228)

Fax: 049-2803718 (+886-492803718)



1st Floor, No.515, Sec. 1, Jhongshan Rd., Shueili Township, Nantou County 55344, Taiwan