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Yushan Peaks Trail

Important Notes


The hike up the steep terrain in this route requires preparation and full mountaineering equipment. The towering and steep east peak and the south peak of Mt. Jade is ranked as the top "10 Peaks" of Taiwan, and extra precautions are needed when hiking them.


The wind gap of the main peak of Mt. Jade has a slippery gravel slope that can get very windy for the hike. The snow is deep in winter and extra precautions are needed when hiking it.


Yushan peaks often have snow accumulated in winter, and those without proper snow hiking gear or skills should not attempt to hike them.


This trail has collapses, cliffs, and other difficult terrains along the way, and Laonong Cliff, Tataka Trailhead, Lele Cabin, White Forest, and the area around the wind gap are especially dangerous, so extra precautions are needed when taking the trail.


Some sections of trails toward the west peak and south peak, Lu Mountain and Nanyu Mountain are not as clearly maintained. Please follow road signs and walk carefully when the weather gets foggy and rainy. Lu Mountain is especially far from the campground and the Yushan cane grown there can get very tall, so hikers are recommended to take their trips as early in the day as possible.


Sufficient amounts of drinking water must be brought for the trekking trip along the ridge across Yushan as the area has a shortage of water.


Paiyun Lodge is currently managed by the Yushan National Park Headquarters. The capacity of the facility is limited, so the accommodation and service usage fee must be applied and paid for at the same time when applying for entry permits of the Yushan National Park Ecological Protection Area. It was not an easy task to construct a simple facility back in the day. Please protect public properties and save water in the facility.

※The meal service and sleeping bags rental service at Paiyun Lodge are contracted out to "Yunbao Recreation Co., Ltd." in accordance with the Government Procurement Act. Hikers who have been approved of accommodation can make reservations with the company and complete payment procedures 7 days before their trips.


The northern peak of Mt. Jade has a weather station operated by the Central Weather Bureau, which does not offer accommodation.


Nanxi forest trail between Upper Dongpu parking lot at 107.7 K spot of Provincial Highway 18 and Tataka Trailhead is a restricted road. Hikers should first park their vehicles at the parking lot before walking or taking shuttle buses into the area. The contacts for the shuttle bus service are Mr. Chu at 0928-358307 and Mr. Yeh at 0932-832077. The shuttle service is available from 6:00 to 18:00 and NT$100 per person one-way.


Before going on the Mt. Jade Hiking Route, relevant information must be provided to the police department first to obtain entry permits. Those who wish to enter ecological protection areas of national parks will need to contact the Yushan National Park Headquarters to obtain entry permits as well.


For entry permits application, please visit it.


Before entering this area, visitors must first report to and confirm with Paiyun Mountaineering Center (self-service or help desk).


Information on the road condition of the trail is available for download in accordance with the policy of the Executive Yuan dated June 1, 2019. Hikers shall assess their own hiking experience, equipment, skill levels, physical condition, weather condition, and the risks associated with hiking and bear responsibility for their own safety. The condition of mountain trails is subject to the natural environment and may experience unexpected damage or service interruption. Hikers who enter safety issues shall not forcibly go through the risky areas to ensure their own personal safety and are welcomed to provide the relevant information on road conditions to benefit other hikers.


Due to stratum sliding and subsidence and surface fissures in the Guangao area, the service at the cabin of Guangao Mountaineering Service Station is closed.