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Batongguan Traversing Trail


Dafen Cabin

County/City Located HualienCounty ZhuoxiTownship Location Eastern
Elevation 1280M Type Steel frame
Capacity 20 people
Facility Details Facility:Solar power, rainwater catchment equipment, toilets. Not yet opened, so hikers are required to bring their own tents. Water source:Water can be fetched from the area behind the campground or the stream nearby.
Capacity 20 people


hiking route Batongguan Traversing Trail
The elevation is not too high. It is located in a valley with low accessibility. There are plenty of historical buildings from the Japanese colonial period. The Bunun tribal settlement is located in a larger open river terrace with an intact foundation along the trail. There are old sites of embankments, platforms, stone steps, water tanks, ammunition depots and others. Besides being equipped with solar-powered lighting, the area has a research workshop, storage room, picnic tables and chairs, public toilets and other facilities and serves as a research station for ecological conservation.

Important Notes:Those who choose to stay over in the cabin will need to bring their own accommodation gear and sleeping bags as the facility does not provide quilts.
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