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Batongguan Traversing Trail


Tomas Campground

County/City Located HualienCounty ZhuoxiTownship Location Eastern
Elevation 2000M Type Campground
Capacity 20 people
Facility Details Facility:None. Water source:Lack of water sources.
Capacity 20 people


hiking route Batongguan Traversing Trail
Tomas is 9.3 kilometers away from Dashuiku and has a police station built during the Japanese colonial period. The foundation is still intact, and there are still remains of the embankment, platform, charcoal kilns, water tanks and others, adding vicissitudes of the past to some extent. The damage to the vegetation is not severe yet, but silver grass in the area has grown tall.

Important Notes:Visitors need to bring their own tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags to the campground.
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