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Batongguan Traversing Trail


Duomeili Campground

County/City Located HualienCounty ZhuoxiTownship Location Eastern
Elevation 1810M Type Campground
Capacity 12 people
Facility Details Facility:None. Water source:Lack of water sources
Capacity 12 people


hiking route Batongguan Traversing Trail
Used to be the location for Tomiri Police Station built during the Japanese colonial period, there are still plenty of historical artifacts. The area is big and has many wild animals, virgin coniferous and broadleaf forests and juglans mandshurica trees. It is densely covered with weeds and bushes, and there are a lot of leeches.

Important Notes:The water supply is rather limited, so visitors need to be well-prepared. Extra precautions must be made to avoid leeches in the weeds and bushes. Those who choose to stay over in the campground will need to bring their own tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags.
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