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Hiking Trails

Walami Trail (the section between trailhead and Jiaxin)



Trail distance The elevation ascends about 270 meters, and the total distance is about 4.5 kilometers.

The Walami Trail refers to the eastern section of Batongguan Traversing Trail, a total distance of 13.6 kilometers from trail entrance, passing by Shanfeng, Jiaxin, and Huangma and ending at Walami Cabin.
The slope of the section from the trailhead to Shanfeng Waterfall and Jiaxin is rather gentle. It is easy to walk on and suitable for visitors to engage in general recreational activities. The section between "Mileage: 7 kilometers" and Walami requires entry permits, and it is suitable for those who wish to go hiking and camping and for climbers with intermediate-level experience in mountaineering.
Walami Trail has rather rich ecological resources and biodiversity. Under the careful maintenance by Yushan National Park, it has become a popular tourism spot in eastern Taiwan. The front section between "Trailhead - Shanfeng Waterfall" especially attracts a lot of tourists.

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