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Scenic Spots

Shanfeng Observation Deck

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


Shanfeng Observation Deck is 0.7 kilometers away from the trailhead, and it is also the first rest stop on the trail. During the Japanese colonial period, there was a police station in the area that also had logging activities, so the area is relatively flat and open. Overlooking far ahead, there are overlapping mountains in a sea of white clouds. Light breeze repeatedly blows by, bringing a feeling of comfort, and it makes the place, Shanfeng or wind in the mountain, worthy of its name. The leaves of Formosan gum trees by the deck change color with the seasons. They are tender and green in early spring and lush green in midsummer and start to become falling yellow and red leaves in autumn and winter. The changes between different seasons bring a variety of beautiful looks. The deck, established by the Administrative Office of Yushan National Park, serves as a rest stop for visitors, and the local Zhuoxi Township Office organizes Bunun traditional music festivals and new year festivals at the end of every year so that everyone can learn more about the local indigenous culture. 

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