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Jiaxin Observation Deck

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


Jiaxin is 4.5 kilometers from the trailhead and at an elevation of about 820 meters. A Japanese police station was established here in 1920 during the Japanese colonial period to monitor the activities of the Bunun people, and there was also a B-level education facility for indigenous children, an exchange center for indigenous products, and a sanatorium. Jiaxin was one of the first police stations to have a medical facility, and it was withdrawn in 1944. The old buildings no longer exist, and what's left are stone steps and embankment on the trail and the Jiaxin Observation Deck for tourists to visit. The Administrative Office has established a campsite, observation gazebo, cooking area, and toilet at Jiaxin Observation Deck. The Central Weather Bureau has established a solar-powered automatic reporting system for collecting meteorological data. The road to Jiaxin offers a good view. The trail can overlook the terrain and landscape of meandering, erosion, accumulation, and transportation formed by the channel of Laklak Stream. If the weather is clear, visitors can see the coastal mountains in the distance, and distinct overlapping mountain ranges and peaks draw a majestic picture.
◎The access to Walami Trail beyond Jiaxin requires entry permits

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