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Scenic Spots

Shanfeng #1 Suspension Bridge

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


Shanfeng #1 Suspension Bridge is 0.9 kilometers from the trailhead. Spanning the deep valleys, the sturdy dark green-painted steel cable suspension bridge is very safe. With high mountains around and deep valley below, it can still make those walking on it feel dangling in their mind. Overlooking the upstream on the left, a string of waterfall comes down from the top of the mountain, cutting deep traces on the ancient rocks and flowing into Laklak Stream. The current Shanfeng #1 Suspension Bridge in use was newly built in early 2020. The bridge pier on the one side of the original suspension bridge was extended to make the observation deck enable visitors to appreciate the suspension bridge and the beautiful view of mountains, forests, and valleys from a different angle.

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