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Scenic Spots

Shanfeng #2 Suspension Bridge

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


Shanfeng #2 Suspension Bridge is 1.7 kilometers from the trailhead. The look may not be as impressive as #1, it is exquisite in its own right. Shanfeng #2 Suspension Bridge retains the appearance from the late Japanese colonial period and has rich historical value. Shanfeng Waterfall is under the bridge. The waterfall cascades down the cliff next to the suspension bridge. During the seasons when there is an abundant supply of water, it just comes crashing down the waterfall. During the dry seasons, the waterfall just trickles down the cliff. To the right of the suspension bridge, visitors can overlook a grand V-shaped valley carved out by Laklak Stream. Shanfeng #2 Suspension Bridge is also a turning point for tourists on their half-day tour. The Walami Trail that most tourists know of ends around here, and it is a hot spot for Walami Trail.

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