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Scenic Spots

Trailhead of the Eastern Section of Batongguan Traversing Trail (Walami Trail)

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


The starting point (0 K) of Provincial Highway 30 is the trailhead of the eastern section of Batongguan Traversing Trail (Shanfeng trailhead). As visitors mostly come to Walami for a 2-day trip, they customarily call the trail Walami Trail. Shanfeng trailhead is also known as Walami Trailhead. There is a large parking lot offering parking for buses, passenger cars, and bicycles in front of the trailhead. The Administrative Office of Yushan National Park has also set up travel signs and bulletin boards for information on entry into mountains and the park so that visitors can first get to know about routes and other precautions before entering the trail.
◎The access to Walami Trail beyond "Mileage: 7 kilometers" requires entry permits

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