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Scenic Spots

Nan-an Tribe

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


Nan-an Tribe is located in the eastern edge of the Central Mountain Range, at an elevation of about 200 meters. It is one of the tribal settlements in the uppermost part of Xiuguluan River. The tribal residents mostly come from the Bunun's takbanuaz community, and together with saiku and takluk communities, they are under the jurisdiction of Zhuoqing Village of Zhuoxi Township in Hualien County. Connecting to the Shanfeng section of Yuli on Provincial Highway 30 from Provincial Highway 9 and crossing Takluk Bridge, the scenery of rice fields in Nan-an tribal settlement is within sight. the view of green rice fields nestled in the winding stream makes you appreciate how the beautiful landscape nurtures the people and culture here. The main crops grown here are rice, beans, and other grains. The scenery of the local Bunun people cultivate here and live a simple and natural farming life can really touch people's hearts.

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