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Scenic Spots

Luming Suspension Bridge

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


At the crossroad by Gujing Bridge at 2.5 K location of Provincial Highway 30, take the right to cut to the riverbank, visitors will be able to see Lumin Suspension Bridge straddling on the valley of the Laklak Stream. By taking a stroll on the bridge, visitors will be able to overlook the vast river valley and landscape. Walk another 4.7 kilometers along Batongguan Traversing Trail, and you will reach the Taluk tribal settlement. Lumin Suspension Bridge has undergone two reconstructions, and it is now the 3rd-generation bridge built in the 1980s. Together with Nan-an Waterfall, they are listed as the two main tourist attractions in Nan-an. At present, the Hualien Forest Administrative Office of the Forestry Bureau, Executive Yuan, is responsible for maintaining the trail between Batongguan Traversing Trail and Lumin Suspension Bridge. The trail starts from the suspension bridge and passes by Lumin Conservation Office, Lumin police station, and other historical sites before connecting to Taluk Elementary School. The slope of the whole trail is relatively gentle, and the elevation is between 275 and 300 meters. The walk along the trail can earn the view of Laklak Stream and the landscape of river terraces on the other side of the stream. Nan-an tribal settlement far beyond can also be seen. It is a paradise trail with a low degree of difficulty, making it a good candidate for family trips.

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