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Scenic Spots

First Rice Field at the Foot of Yushan National Park

Recreation Area EasternNan-an Visitor Center and Proximity


The water used for the irrigation of the Nan-an rice field, also known as the "First Rice Field at the Foot of Yushan National Park" comes from the Laklak River in the eastern part of Yushan National Park. The catchment area is an ecological protection area without development and pollution, and the Nan-an rice field is the first place where the irrigation water runs. The customary method of using pesticides and chemical fertilizers is not a good way for land sustainability. In order to take into account the development of tribes, promote the concept of national park conservation and establish a friendly environment for all things, the Administrative Office of Yushan National Park started facilitating the participation of enterprises and guiding farmers to convert to organic farming in 2014, and the efforts have led to the vitality of the First Rice Field at the Foot of Yushan National Park. Environmentally friendly and natural farming is the practice which can maintain the ecology and rejuvenate the land. A complete farmland ecosystem will not only increase the marginal benefits of conservation and realize the conservation of national parks, but also open up new opportunities for environmental education and eco-tourism. 

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