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Encounter with ‘Ninjas’ Roaming Freely in the Forest – Special Exhibition of Mammals in Yushan


The Headquarters of Yushan National Park (Headquarters) has organized Encounters with ‘Ninjas’ Roaming Freely in the Forest – Special Exhibition of Mammals in Yushan at Tataka Visitor Center to facilitate the visitors’ understanding of the life of common mammals in Yushan National Park as well as how the mammals are conserved there. Visitors will understand more about the life of the mammals around Tataka and how to get along with the mammals via images and zoological specimens.
Experience Nature, Learn About the Mammals
The Headquarters has long promoted in-depth tourism, making Tataka a popular mountain area frequently visited by trekkers. One of the highlights of the trekkers’ journey may be when they hear the bushes rustle and run into some mammals. The wildlife in Yushan National Park is particularly diverse due to its vast domain with various landscapes, weather conditions, and rich resources. According to previous studies, 65 species of mammals are found in the Park, representing 74% of the mammals on land in Taiwan, covering almost all medium to large-sized mammals in Taiwan.
Besides the invaluable photographs, 17 sets of furs and skeleton specimens of mammals including Formosan sambar deer, Formosan Reeve's muntjac, Formosan Yellow-throated Marten, Golden Weasel, Whited-faced Flying Squirrel, Formosan Pangolin, and so forth are displayed in this special exhibition so the visitors can observe these animals more closely than what they do in the wild. This exhibition also conveys messages about conservation issues. Visitors can understand the situations the animals face via their specimens from roadkills and hunting with explanatory captions and narratives; thus, realize how much effort the National Park has been making for conservation. All visitors are expected to drive at a slow speed in the National Park and around the habitats of the wildlife and not to feed the animals. Let’s treasure and conserve precious natural resources together.
Welcome to the Special Exhibition. Take the National Park Home with You
The Headquarters hopes visitors gain more knowledge of mammals and a correct concept of the ecosystem; therefore, the exhibition organizer is ready to deliver prizes by holding quizzes for the visitors. Winning visitors will be able to take home with them special souvenirs from the National Park. Through these educational quizzes, the Headquarters hopes the people can support the work of the National Park as well as love and respect our animal friends with whom we all live under the same roof. The Special Exhibition is available from Feb 1 to Dec 31, 2023. All are welcome to the Exhibition. If you are planning to visit Tataka, please stop by the Tataka Visitor Center and visit our ‘Ninjas’ Roaming Freely in Forest –Special Exhibition of Mammals in Yushan.