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Proud to be Staying Put at Home~ Yushan National Park Headquarters Urges the Public to Stay at Home and Support All Pandemic Control Measures


In accordance with the "Measures to Control the Flow of Visitors to and from the National Parks in Response to the Elevation of the COVID-19 Pandemic Alert to Level 3" and to reduce the risk of disease transmission and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as minimize the influx of visitors to Yushan National Park, all trails across different areas of the national park are closed with immediate effect.
■Northwest - "Tataka Recreation Area Trail" includes Yunlong Waterfall Trail, Dongpu Mountain Trail, Lulin Mountain Trail (including Lulin Trail), Lulin Front Trail, Linzih Mountain Trail, Black Forest Trail and Dongpu Trail
■Southern -"Zhongzhiguan Trail", "Meishan Trail"
■Eastern -"Walami Trail"
During the pandemic alert period, members of the public are advised not to head outdoors wherever possible. Fun can also be had at home, and the mountains will always remain awaiting your future visit.
In addition, we will continue to review the latest pandemic prevention guidelines from the Central Pandemic Command Center and adopt a rolling review approach based on the current local conditions of Yushan National Park.
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