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Due to the severity of the pandemic, the Walami Trail is closed with immediate effect.


Due to the increasing severity of the Pandemic, the Yushan National Park Headquarters (the YSNPH) has decided to close the Walami Trail in the NanAn Tribe from May 23 onwards in order to avoid cross-region activities and crowds forming in/near the NanAn Visitor Center and the Walami Trail. This closure is in conjunction with the elevated epidemic prevention measures of the Hualian County Government and the set-up of the Zhuoxi Township Epidemic Prevention Station (the ZTEPS).
The ZTEPS will be on hand to communicate the above message to all tourists. The NanAn Management Station of the YSNPH, along with the Yushan Police Branch, the Sixth Division, the Seventh Special Police Corps, National Police Agency, MOI and the Yuli Precinct of the Hualien County Police Department, will be stationed at the trail entrances and the NanAn Visitor Center to reinforce epidemic prevention measures.