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Beautiful Southern Cross-Island Highway Yushan National Park Headquarters - Let Us Cherish and Protect the National Parks’ Ecology Together


     Yushan National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the “Yushan Headquarters”) stated that after over a decade of repairs, the entire Southern Cross-Island Highway was conditionally reopened to traffic on May 1, 2022. The public can finally reach the long-awaited southern region of Yushan National Park and enjoy the majestic mountain views along the road. Since the Southern Cross-Island Highway was closed due to repair for many years, it has become a paradise for wildlife. The Yushan Headquarters reminds tourists to strictly abide by the no-human-trace principle when entering the park by refraining from feeding wild animals, removing plant life, or leaving garbage behind to protect this exquisite and pristine land.
Enjoy the Majestic Clouds & Splendid Landscapes
     The Yushan Headquarters indicated that the Southern Cross-Island Highway ranges from Meishankou to Yakou. The terrain and climate from mid-altitude to high-altitude often showcase rapid scenery changes where dense mist or clear blue sky may suddenly appear. The most famous natural landscape is the sea of clouds at Yakou. When the cloud layers change with the wind, the rapid transformation is like an undulating tide whereby the clouds become an instant canvas dyed with colorful pigments by the sun with the beautiful distant mountains and nearby ravines as the background. Visitors can enjoy this magnificent wonder while inhaling the aerobic phytoncide to satiate the body and spirit.
Take a Glimpse and Cherish the Beauty of the Moment
    The Yushan Headquarters stated that the highway passes through Tianchi, Zhongzhiguan Trail and the three mountains of the Southern Cross-Island Highway: Kuhanuoxin Mountain, Taguan Mountain and Guanshanling Mountain. These are all popular hiking spots for travelers. This area is surrounded by misty forests year round and breeds rich animal and plant resources. Hikers can admire the tall trees standing on both sides and various alpine grass and flowers. Magnificent wild animals such as the Formosan black bear, yellow-throated marten, Formosan sambar deer, Reeves’s muntjac or even the crested serpent eagle and mountain hawk-eagle can sometimes be sighted. However, the highway’s opening resulted in an influx of tourists and the amount of garbage along the roads, parking lots and hiking paths has increased significantly. The increased recreational activities do cause harm to the ecological environment. For example, the leftover garbage would attract wild animals to rummage for food, affecting individual health and causing changes to animal habits. The Yushan Headquarters once again appeals to the people to avoid unnecessary human interference when enjoying the park’s natural beauty and do their best to protect the wildlife and ecological habitats in the park.
    Finally, the Yushan Headquarters reminds you that the mountain climate has rapid temperature changes. Please bring rain gear and clothing to keep dry and stay warm. The geology along the Southern Cross-Island Highway may be unstable and there may be rock cave-ins or landslides, especially during the flood season. For the latest road passage details, you can check the real-time road conditions on the highway disaster prevention and relief information system of the Directorate General of Highways or use its Happiness Highways APP. Moreover, a single spark may cause a forest fire. Forest fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Be a friendly visitor, jointly protect the natural and ecological environment and cherish this hard-earned beauty.

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