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Dongpu Service Center Perfects Service Network at the Foothills of Yushan


Dongpu Neighborhood 1 is a tribe situated closest to Yushan, which is not only an important homeland of the Bunun tribe inside the Yushan National Park, but also a main trail entrance for the long-distance route. Dongpu Service Center, orchestrated by Yushan National Park (the Headquarters) and Xinyi Township Office of Nantou County, will have its grand opening on December 29, 2022. It aims to provide service to the local tribe members, and promote the culture of Bunun and mountain trekking safety, thus perfecting the Yushan National Park Service Network.
Dongpu Neighborhood 1 – Rich Bunun Culture and Historic Trail Entrance
Yushan National Park is the largest national park in Taiwan, where Dongpu Neighborhood 1 accommodates one of the key Bunun tribes and conserves the rich culture of these indigenous people. It is also a main trail entrance for the medium to long-distance mountain trekking route, through which thousands of local tribe members and travelers have visited Yushan in an endless stream for hundreds of years. Furthermore, the renowned Dongpu Hot Spring gathers a larger number of travelers from all directions.
Multiple Services Facilitated by Inter-office Collaboration for Cultural Exploration, Mountain Trekking, and Recreation
The National Park could not provide timely services to the local residents and the trekkers owing to the past absence of a service point in Dongpu. The Headquarters and Xinyi Township Office of Nantou County jointly utilized the existing Dongpu Assembly Room and turned it into the “Dongpu Service Center.” As a result, the venue now serves a range of purposes such as serving as a venue for tribal assembly, adding one more of the Headquarters’ service points, dealing with administrative matters for the local tribe members, introducing the local tribe, promoting Bunun culture and giving information about mountain trekking and recreation.
Dongpu Neighborhood 1 is a national key trail entrance/exit for the mountain trekking route leading to destinations such as Jade Mountain, Badaxiu (Batongguan Mountain, Dashuiku Mountain, and Xiuguluan Mountain), South Section 2 of Central Mountain Range, Mabolasi Crossing Trail, Batonggaun Traversing Trail and so forth. Our self-check-in kiosks at the main trail entrance necessitate the records of the trekkers’ entry into the Yushan area. This not only helps trekkers understand the recreational situations along the trails, but also enhances the effectiveness of the emergency rescue teams in completing their tasks in case of a disaster. Before this, trekkers can obtain specific information about their itinerary from these kiosks to facilitate more detailed planning and safeguard mountain trekking safety.
The winding corridor and the podium outside the Center are ideal places for the tribe members to organize a holiday market or cultural performance, thus publicizing the colorful Bunun culture to the visitors and further boosting the tribal economy. With a chance to develop sustainable industries, we can continue conserving natural and cultural resources to accomplish our three major goals – conserve the ecosystem, raise the quality of life and improve productivity.
For those who come to Dongpu Neighborhood 1 to learn about Bunun culture, visit Yunlong Waterfall and Dongpu Hot Spring, or trek into the mountains, you may get whatever information you need at Dongpu Service Center. From December 29, 2022, onwards, we welcome you!