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According to the Central Weather Bureau forecast, a cold snap will arrive in the morning of December 17 to 18, with more moisture in the alpine area. The later the temperature drops, there is chance of snowfall in the mountains above 3,000 meters, and snowfall is not excluded in the mountains above 2,000 meters north of central Taiwan, so please pay attention to keep warm. Yushan National Park Headquarters reminds visitors that there is a risk of rockslides on the mountain roads after an earthquake, and the cold snap will make the roads and the dark side of the trails frosty and slippery. Visitors engaged in alpine recreation and hiking activities should pay special attention to driving and their own safety!
Pay attention to the safety of driving when visiting the high mountains in winter
Yushan National Park Headquarters points out that the access roads and the dark side of the trails of Yushan Park are prone to frost and ice, so please slow down and do not apply the brakes in an emergency to avoid tire slippage, and pass carefully. Please pay attention to the safety of driving, fill up your gas tank before going up the mountain, keep the safety of driving, and prepare warm clothes to keep warm. In addition, the Central Weather Bureau also announced a high probability of aftershocks following the Hualien earthquake of 6.2 on the Richter scale on December 15, reminding all that there is still a risk of rock falls on mountain roads and that drivers should pay more attention to the condition of the slope.
Trails are prone to ice, so snow gear should be prepared
When engaging in hiking at high altitudes in winter, it is important to pay attention to the frosty and slippery conditions of the trails. In addition to keeping warm, it will be safer to wear hiking shoes with good grip and use trekking poles. If you are going to climb the high mountain, please note that snow or ice may accumulate on the Mt. Jade Main Peak trail, from the wind gap to the main peak, which may cause the trail to be slippery. Please keep warm if you are going to climb Mt. Jade in the near future. It is recommended to bring ice axes, crampons, and other snow equipment and pay attention to winter snow mountaineering safety, follow the weather information at any time before going up to the mountain to grasp the snow conditions in the mountain, and make all preparations in advance to maintain safety. Also, please cooperate with the management on-site staff of Paiyun Lodge, Yushan National Park Headquarters, and follow the trail condition description, assistance equipment inspection, and other safety guidelines to ensure your own safety.
Watch out for the changes in your body, and descend the mountain safely
The cold snap will increase the load on your cardiovascular system, so you must pay special attention to keeping warm. When visiting high altitude areas, it is easy to result in high altitude sickness and acute mountain sickness because of the low pressure and low oxygen environment. Please pay attention to the changes in your body. If there are any symptoms of discomfort, it is highly recommended to hurry down the mountain to prevent the deterioration of the symptoms in the mountains where medical resources are limited, or it would be very dangerous.
Yushan National Park Headquarters reminds visitors to pay special attention to the weather forecast during the winter, and gather sufficient information before going out to assess the safety of hiking and recreation!
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