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Yushan Tataka Visitor Center is Newly Renovated just for You

This is the 3rd renovation of the Tataka Visitor Center located at the highest point of the New Central Cross-Island Highway that passes through Nantou and Chiayi County. In addition to the novel tour-guide efficiency enhancing technologies, the new center also offers a more comprehensive introduction to the Yushan geology, hydrology, ecology, indigenous humanities and environmental-related topics. Each renovation is aimed at presenting the magnificent Yushan to you. All are welcome starting June 5th!
The Yushan National Park Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as “Yushan Headquarters”) had just celebrated its 35th birthday. The Tataka Recreation Area is one of the key recreational bases for the Yushan National Park. The New Central Cross-Island Highway was completed on January 1, 1991. The Tataka Visitor Center, located at the highest point of the highway and the intersection between Tai-18th Highway and Tai-21st Highway, was opened on April 14, 1991. It is the first as well as the highest-altitude visitor center for the Yushan National Park and provides Yushan conservation discourses, exhibitions and recreation-related services. It is presently the highest-altitude environment education facility in Taiwan and an excellent facility for the people to learn about the mid- and high-altitude ecological cultures.
To continue to improve and present the best exhibition performance, the 3rd renovation for the Tataka Visitor Center started lasted a year. Each renovation is aimed at inspiring people who have visited Yushan to understand and cherish Yushan even more. The new exhibition hall is the culmination of wisdom from professionals and experiences contributed by the colleagues of the Yushan Headquarters. The newly renovated center is re-opened today (June 5, 2020).
The new visitor center’s elevated grand hall will welcome guests from 7 continents worldwide and Taiwan to visit the alpine national park and witness the beauty of Taiwan. The center will also focus on Yushan and Tataka to introduce the features of alpine national park to its guests. The beauty of Yushan is unparalleled. Its pristine nature, humanities and biodiversity are like books filled with surprises and wisdom. Each page contains vast world knowledge and beauty. The 2nd floor adopts the “Yushan” book concept design to present Yushan’s rich indigenous cultures (the Bunun and Tsou), Taiwan’s ridge geology and the 3 major rivers (Jhuoshuei River, Gaoping River and Siouguluan River) that nurture the vast forests and provide clean water to the people. The exhibit also introduces the vegetation belt that spans across Taiwan with colorful flora and fauna as well as the historical sites of Yushan. Finally, people are invited to help sustain the beauty of Taiwan through environmental awareness.
In addition to adding new technology information display techniques (telescope augmented reality [AR], dynamic 3D, etc.), the large archive of multimedia images contains valuable observation records made by colleagues over the years. The goal is to teach the tourists about the precious natural treasure trove of Yushan through the eyes of these senior colleagues.
In addition to immersing guests in a wealth of knowledge, the visitor center’s sales department has also been renovated to provide better quality sales services as well as elegant seats for everyone to enjoy the scenery and snacks. Sitting in front of the French windows to enjoy coffee and the magnificent mountain scenery is definitely a joyful experience.
“Open the Tataka window to see the spirit of Yushan.” The Tataka Recreation Area receives approximately 700 thousand visitors annually, which accounts for about 60% of Yushan visitors. The new Tataka Visitor Center will continue to serve as the key to Yushan and invites you to come and create a new chapter in the book of “Yushan.”