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Visit Yushan National Park to Combat Outbreak and Stay Healthy!

【Improve Your Immunity – Where to Go During the Outbreak】
The COVID-19 outbreak is full of uncertainties. Besides remembering our ancestors during the Qingming long weekend, staying at home is safe but dull, so where should we go to blow off steam? Have no fear, Yushan National Park Headquarters (YSNPH) is here! Everyone is invited to visit Taiwan's (Formosa's) splendid sceneries, hot springs, and natural landscapes. Going outside, embracing Mother Nature, and taking in the fresh air are the ideal recreational activities. Why not visit Yushan National Park during the 4-day long weekend to get close to nature, where thoughtful outbreak measures have been implemented. Various visitor centers provide outdoor guided tours, and all necessary outbreak prevention works have been carried out to allow people to enjoy their long weekend with peace of mind!

【Thriving Vivacity and Natural Beauty of Tataka】
According to the YSNPH, Tataka is located on the top of the New Central Cross-island Highway with an elevation of 2,600m, so no matter what season you visit Tataka, you should always bring warm clothing. You can admire the sea of clouds and mist here, and as the weather becomes warmer, the flowers also begin to bloom. Take a leisurely stroll through the alpine forest trail, and you will be greeted by thriving flora (such as Japanese Andromeda and azaleas) and fauna including chirping Mikado pheasant, Taiwan Yuhina, and Flamecrest, as well as the Reeves's muntjac family that have come out to play and troops of Formosan macaques foraging comfortably on the grass. This is their home, do you "hear the sound of home"? We would like to remind you to slow down, remain quiet, and do not feed the animals.

Photo 1: Tataka Yushan hiking gate/Photo by Yang Hsiang-Wen (courtesy of YSNPH).
Photo 2: Tataka Visitor Center/Photo by Yang Hsiang-Wen (courtesy of YSNPH).
Photo 3: Walami Trail Shanfong No. 2 bridge/Photo by Yang Hsiang-Wen (courtesy of YSNPH).
Photo 4: Meishan Visitor Center/Photo by Yang Hsiang-Wen (courtesy of YSNPH).

【Embark on a Nostalgic Journey on the Ancient Trail】
The YSNPH explained that the renowned Batongguan Historic Trail and Guanshan Historic Trail were developed during the Japanese Occupation Period to control the indigenous people. Throughout time, history is sometimes forgotten but not gone. Citizens intending to experience hiking over the long weekend can try the Zhongzhiguan Trail while Tianchih is still reachable via the Southern Cross-Island Highway to ponder over the courageous feat of Bunun warrior Dahu Ali. Traffic control originally scheduled for April 2 at the Tianchih section of the Provincial Highway No. 20 (Southern Cross-Island Highway) during the long Qingming weekend will be canceled. Please remember to take your trash with you and maintain the wonderful ecological environment! If you plan to visit Batongguan Historic Trail, you may carry your backpack and walk along the Walami Trail starting from Namuan in Hualien. While walking on the exquisite stone-paved trail, you may also admire the verdant, stunning world of ferns. If you are entering Batongguan Historic Trail via Dongpu in Xinyi Township, Nantou, after passing through the Father and Son Cliff and Yunlong Waterfall, you may also enjoy a commanding view of the rustic Dongpu Yilin Village below. After descending the mountain, you can catch a much-needed breather at the Dongpu Hot Spring after the exhausting hike.

【Embrace Mother Nature – Combating the Outbreak】
YSNPH commented that various attractions in the park will remain open during the long Qingming weekend, and various services will be reinforced. Walking into Yushan National Park, you will appreciate the enchanting charisma of Mother Nature. Numerous studies have proven that phytoncides and anions in the forest boost one's immune system. Consequently, various tourist attractions throughout Yushan National Park will feature outdoor guided tours, trail information guides, and picture book reading, hoping that everyone will be able to see the beauty of nature, appreciate the great outdoors through the 5 senses, and observe adorable creatures to attain complete spiritual relaxation. The public is reminded to bear outbreak prevention tips in mind: keep at least one-meter distance from each other, wash your hands frequently, and do not touch your eyes, ears, or nose. If you feel any discomfort, please stay at home and rest. The visitor centers are equipped with rubbing alcohol for disinfection purposes. Also, guided tours are available, where docents or volunteers will provide visitors with friendly service. Please maintain adequate distance from one another during the activities and savor the magnificent moment of embracing the outdoors with your family.