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Saving Tarunas Police Post – A Record of Bunun Cultural Legacy along the Batongguan Traversing Trail (2)


To save the Tarunas Police Post located on the Batongguan Traversing Trail built during the Japanese rule, the Yushan National Park Administration Office (hereinafter referred to as the Office) summoned its staff, Zhuoxi Township Mountaineering Association and Arbor Soul (a private tree climbing group) on February 18 – 28, 2021 to hike along the east section of the Batongguan Traversing Trail. They discovered that there were landslide and difficult terrains. After crossing the Tadahun River and Miasan River, they completed this important task smoothly. In this mission, the Arbor Soul team used their professional tree climbing and lumbering skills to save the Tarunas Police Post from the threat of being crushed by heavy loads. In addition, the members of the Hualien Zhuoxi Township Mountaineering Association and staff from the Officehelped carry important technical equipment and food. They assisted the staff to complete the task efficiently with sufficient food supply in this 10-day trip in the mountains. 

In this task, according to the investigations conducted by the staff of the Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, the wind toppled trees, crushing the roof, cut by the team was a Lithocarpus kawakamii (Hayata) Hayata with the height of 8m and the diameter of 39 cm. In addition, with the survey of the remains of the Tarunas Police Post by the Office, a measured drawing with the internal and external dimensions of the architecture was sketched with the help of the Hualien Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau.

Director-General Chung Ming-shan of the Office expressed that the farmhouse settlement of the Tarunas tribe and Masisan tribe and most of the Bunun tribe scattered along the Batongguan Traversing Trail were the major issues in this inspection. It aimed to help the Bunun people return to the mountains and find the roots of their ancestors. Nevertheless, the Batongguan Traversing Trail had been built for about a hundred years since the Japanese rule. The staff climbed up and down the hills until midnight to arrive at the destination. In these few days, they recorded the landslide and dangerous sections along the Batongguan Traversing Trail. They also repaired the cracks of the tank and leaking pipes of the solar water heater.

The Office advocated that people should prepare well with a complete plan before climbing the mountains. The Batongguan Traversing Trail is a historic path with humanistic touch and diverse ecology. Remember to leave no trace, not to feed wild animals and take the kitchen waste down the mountains to preserve the historic path in its original charm.