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Humanity change of Yushan

Historical changes

Nowadays, only a few Bunun people live in the Yushan National Park, but from the historical remains of stoneware and pottery discovered in “Chenyoulan River Basin”, it proves that there has been human activity in the Yushan National Park a thousand years ago.

In the development phase of recent history, the time of constructing “Batongguan Historic Trail” during the Ching Dynasty was set as a breakpoint. Before the trail’s construction, the valley of the Junda River at higher altitude was only occupied by scattered aboriginal residences in the mountain and they hunt occasionally at the Chenyoulan River. The Bunun people lived there only till the Japanese Occupation more than 70 years ago and were then forced to move to the terrace of the Chenyoulan River at a lower altitude, where they populated as a village.