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Formosan Wild Boar Sus scrofa taivanus


The body hair of Formosan Wild Boar is colored in greyish black with a bit of brown color; the hair texture is thick and hard. It has a long mouth and cylindrical nose. Patterns of brown stripes can be seen on the piglets that provide a protective color in the wilderness. The canine teeth of male are grown outwards and exposed, which are commonly known as scary teeth.


The species distributes over forest floor or farming area of low to high altitude. It is a gregarious animal and the activity often occurs in early mornings. The Formosan Wild Boar is omnivorous, it digs soil with its nose to search for food including grass, tender stems, mice, insects, birds, and frogs. In the past, Formosan Wild Boar once spread widely; but the quantity is reducing nowadays and the species faces the pressure of being hunted.