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Meishan Visitor Center

The Meishan Visitor Center is located in Taoyuan District, Kaohsiung City. It is the entrance into the Yushan National Park from the Southern Cross-Island Highway. In the Exhibition Room of the Visitor Center, displays and explanation pamphlets are provided for Bunun culture and history, history of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, geology, and ecological resources of the Yushan National Park. Moreover, the audiovisual room regularly plays introductory films about the Yushan National Park. In the Meishan Visitor Center, visitors can receive a thorough knowledge of aboriginal Bunun culture. During long holidays, random events of performance by local aboriginals are held at the outdoor square, which is not to be missed by visitors fond of Bunun culture.

The Meishan Visitor Center is surrounded by recreation areas such as indigenous botanic garden, Meishankou street block, Meishan tuck shop, and camping area, as well as the youth recreation center. If time permits, a visit to the Meishan tribe is also recommended.