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River system of Yushan

Water is indispensable in our daily life. When a drop of water falls into the soil from the sky, it gets absorbed by the soil instead of disappearing and provides moisture to plants. Some waterdrops slowly converge into a creek through several stages, then become a river, and finally flow into the ocean. 

The Yushan National Park is like a super large sponge that sucks all rainwater from the sky into its belly, and then slowly release them through the river to the ocean. In that way, water will not reach flat ground all at once and cause flooding.

There are many small and large rivers in Taiwan; among them, some large rivers were originated from the Yushan National Park. The examples include the Jhuoshuei River in the central region, the Gaoping River in the southern region, and the Xiuguluan River in the eastern region of Taiwan.

Under the influence of high mountains, there are many sceneries of dreamily magnificent waterfalls in the Yushan National Park and these were the beautiful results from water erosion to rocks. The examples include Yunlong Waterfall and Yinyu Waterfall in Dongpu Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County. Both waterfalls are hanging-valley type at upstream of the river, which make them representative sceneries of geological feature.