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Single-seed Juniper Juniperus squamata

In the Yushan National Park, do you know the tree grown at the highest altitude is Taiwan Hemlock, Taiwan Red Pine, Taiwan White Fir or Single-seed Juniper? The answer is Single-seed Juniper and it distributes over the Mt. Jade main peak from 3,400m to 3,950. Moreover, the shape changes differently along with the environment. If seen at wind-face spot or adverse environment, the species shows groveling shape or long strip of lower shrubs to accommodate the strong wind; the shape appears to be winding and curvy as if it was the fine pattern carved out manually. If seen in the valley or among woods, the Single-seed Juniper grows into large straight trees and form a group of pure forest due to the fine environment. 

According to research and study, every 1cm of increase in diameter for Single-seed Juniper takes 22.8 years, so the growing speed is really slow. When we see a “little” tree with a diameter of 6cm, it is, in fact, an old tree of more than a hundred years!